Hanchell Babies


Like most moms I wanted to use swaddles but what swaddles I would use was the big question. Moms everywhere always register for swaddles blankets. When I started my search it wasn’t an easy one. Moms around the world swaddle babies to settled them as babies are used to the tight environment in the womb. Swaddle blankets can be used for a couple of things. Swaddle can be used as burp cloth, blanket for tummy time, nursing cover, stroller cover, and of course as a swaddle.
Moms I work for always used Aden and Anais swaddle blankets with their babies. Aden and Anais are the main company most people buy and use. Priced at $45 for 3 size 47″x47″. I heard bad thing about the customer service so I knew I didn’t want to use them. Great customer service goes a long way with most moms. With Jasmine (my first) I had a couple of simple Swaddles that I had got as gifts that I ended up having to return. She hated being swaddled, She needed her hands free. Yelled and cried every time I tried to swaddle her.
With Jake I knew I needed some swaddles so my in my search I came across Hanchell Babies swaddle blankets. They had over 10,000 likes on FB, 5 star reviews on Amazon & 100% Organic cotton. Priced at 41.47 on Amazon for 4 size 47″x47″. Designed by a mom in her last trimester. I reached out to the owner and the customer service was the greatest and so personal, I felt like I was talking with a friend. In fact we still talk about a year later which is great. Hanchell Babies swaddles are so soft and come in 4 different designs monkey, giraffe, elephant, and Tiger. Jake never like to be swaddle either but I still use my Hanchell Babies swaddle blankets everyday. I use them for tummy time and nursing cover. I just love them so much I just carry them with me everywhere. I highly recommend them to all the moms and nannies I work with or just meet at play groups. The They are very good quality and have lasted me a year when other blankets I received at the same time have not. If you are looking to buy swaddle blankets buy Hanchell Babies.


Winter Inside Fun

As the winter has begin in Chicago; I’m looking for more and more fun inside things to do. If you are like me looking for something fun to do with the family during this holiday season or holiday break from school go to The Museum of Science and Industry Chicago. MIS is locate 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60637 in Hyde Park neighborhood minutes from downtown. Exhibit Christmas around the world and Holidays of Light is a most see. MIS’s beloved annual holiday tradition, now in its 74th year. Jake and I met some nanny friends to explore the Christmas trees. Jake and other babies (4 total) was very impressed with the lights all over and the snow falling upon us all inside. We visited the holiday stage where all the kids got a photo opportunity with Santa (Jake isn’t a fan yet). We also heard a High School Choirs singing holiday songs. They have different performances and Choirs every weekend until Christmas at various times. As we wandered around looking at all the trees and lights it was great to see all the tree from different places. We also stopped by The Idea Factory were Jake and friends got to play in water and run around freely; tiring them out for nap. This area is ideal for children up to the age of 10 years old. They set a limit to the amount of families in at a time. We’ve been on the weekend and not able to go in.



My son’s first birthday is in 12 days. I’ve spend days, weeks, no months on Pinterest trying to make this party perfect. What happen to the days where you could just throw down table clothes, hang a Happy Birthday sign and get a cake from Jewel. Pinterest is what happen and moms wanting to do things better then there other mom friends. It’s exhausting but why do I love it so much. It’s who I am! It didn’t start once I had kids; I had a Halloween party one year and all the ice had spiders in them. We had about 60 people at that party you do the math I made over 600 ice filled with spiders. That was before Pinterest, Yes I’m crazy lol! Pinterest has just made it easier for me to obsess over what I want to do. So today I make Sesame Street signs for Jake’s first birthday and order all of us matching shirts. Thank you Pinterest for helping do that😉