Simply Owl Natural

Natural products are all the rage right now. As most of you know I’m a breastfeeding mom, my 13 month old Jake started to experience eczema this winter. Chicago winters are the worst on everyone’s skin. I immediately stop wearing deodorant afraid that a chemical in the deodorant was causing his eczema. Which of course was a huge mistake! I’m running around after kids all day of course I smelled horribly bad at the end of the day. After 3 days of smelling like a zoo I started thinking natural deodorant would be great to look into. I reached out to a couple companies and tried Simply Owl Natural. Simply Owl Natural was created 2 years ago by a women who was experiencing allergic reactions from perfume in products. The prices are kept so everyone can afford because the owner Jeri is interested in helping people who have or had the same problem. I really enjoyed getting to know a little about Jeri & having the privilege to try out her deodorant. The orange blossom deodorant smelled so good. I was worried at first with using a natural deodorant I would still smell at the end of the day. The first day trying I put the deodorant fresh out the shower and went on with my crazy day of running after kids (work kids and mine). I’m happy to say at the end of the day I didn’t smell like a zoo 😃! I climbed into bed that night and my husband told me I’m glad you are wearing deodorant again. Off of that I knew it was a great deodorant. I also tried out Simply Owl Natural leave in conditioner and eczema cream which were great also. Like Simply owl natural products on FB and shop at etsy.




Baby Deedee Sleep Kicker


It being -10 degrees at times in Chicago, my apartment is not the warmest. Chicago winters are brutal and the only way to get through them is the warmest clothes. I’m always worried in the winter months if my 6 year old and 1 year old are warm enough. My 6 year old she has blankets & can tell us if she is cold. With my 1 year old I’m still worried about putting a blanket in with him because SIDS. I also was worried about him waking up if he is cold. So I started my search I looked for something as warm as a blanket but not as bulky. Most moms use sleep sacks; I’ve tried sleep sacks they don’t work for us. My son hates for his feet to be covered and trapped in the sleep sack. When looking for an alternative I came across Baby Deedee sleep kickers. When ordering I do recommend down sizing. I first received a size 2T (my son size) it was way over sized. Then I received 18months and it fit great. I opened my Baby Deedee sleep kicker and slipped my 1 year old into it. It was so soft & warm my son wanted to wear it all day. Made from soft and cozy high quality fleece, once washed it kept true to color, softness, and size. I highly recommend Baby Deedee sleep kickers. After trying and loving with my son, I tried with the 3 year old twins I’m working with. The 3 year olds loved them and so did their mom. The mom like all Chicago moms lives in an old drafty house she let her twins wear all day. I believe all moms will love Baby Deedee Sleep Kickers.
Invented by a mom of 3 in 2008 & Winner of the Red Tricycle and Creative Child Awards. Priced at $39 on Amazon and comes in 3 different colors.
Be sure to check out the entire Baby Deedee collection that I would love to review some day also such as Sleep sacks, baby pajamas, baby sleepsie, toddler bedding, baby fitted sheet, stroller blankets, and dabble bibs

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Baby Deedee
Can find & bought local or on Amazon
Little Threads 2033 West Roscoe Street Chicago, IL 60618
The Red Balloon Bucktown 1940 N. Damen Avenue Chicago, IL 60647
The Red Balloon Andersonville 5407 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640
Twinkle Twinkle Little One 1827 West Wellington Avenue Chicago, IL 60657
Urba Baby 1117 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60614
Urba Baby 1751 W. Division Street Chicago, IL 60622


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Jake loving his Baby Deedee


Milkful Bars

If you breastfeed or know someone who is breastfeeding you have heard of Lactation Bars. They’re everywhere right now. Some moms are into buying 1000 ingredients and look for a recipe on Pinterest then making them-self. As a mom of a breastfeeding 1 year old I have no time to shop or bake so I go the pre made route every time. This time I decided to go with Milkful Gourmet Lacation Oat Bars signature flavor Blueberry Almond Coconut. Made with all the best breastfeeding boosting foods like flaxseed & Brewer yeast. Me not being a fan of coconut I thought I wouldn’t like them so I invited my sister over who is also breastfeeding. She has a 4 month old and she ate one bar. I had a half of one and was surprised that the coconut was a strong tasting ingredient. That night I had to get up and pump which I hadn’t done in months. My sister told me she pumped 4oz that morning when she normally only gets 2oz.

Milkful are baked in Charlotte, North Carolina by a mom who was experience nursing struggles just a few months after her daughter’s birth.
Milkful has only 201 likes on Facebook & 579 followers on Instagram

I recommend Milkful for the taste and milk booster but they are bad on following through. On January 1 Milkful ran a Facebook give away stating the winner would be announced at 5pm. Me and a couple other moms enter and tagged friends. At 5pm no winner was named. I followed up as did another women asking who the winner was and still no response. I’m all about the customer service and follow through. Off of that I give Milkful a C rating.
Milkful adj full of milk; abounding with food.

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