Check Designs

With February being Congenial Heart Defect awareness month I’m happy I came across Check Designs. All the items are handmade in a smoke free home in Warren, Pennsylvania. Check Designs has Slippers, bibs, ties, gift sets & superhero designs. All items that are “made to order” will take up to 2 weeks to be made. For slippers you will have to measure your babies foot. All reviews on Etsy are 5 stars.

Check Designs owner Caroline Check always wanted to sell her sewing but worked a full-time corporate job that didn’t give her much time for a side business. I know how she felt I use to have time to knit but with work and 2 kids I have no time now.

When Caroline was pregnant with her first child, they found out he had down syndrome and a congenital heart defect that would require open heart surgery at some point in his first year of life. It soon became apparent that she couldn’t manage her son’s medical care and keep up with her full-time job. Like all working mothers this is a very hard decision to step away from our careers and can also be a huge financial strain on the whole family. Caroline took a job that allowed her or her husband to be home with their son at all times.

After being home for about a year Caroline start selling her sewing at craft shows. Then she moved to selling on Etsy. When she first started selling her products, one goals was to sell enough to help others going through similar experiences with their children. This month marked 6 years since her son’s open heart surgery. For the month of February a portion of all proceeds are being donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation. They help fund research to prevent, diagnosis, and treat congenital heart defects. Congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect.

I had the privilege of trying out some very cute slippers out for Jake. My son is 14 months old, he hates socks & shoes but worn this with no problem. It made me very happy that they fit his little fat feet prefect. He never tried to remove them like he does his other slippers & socks. The very cute truck slippers stayed true to color when washed. I love these slippers and so did Jake. We really like the cute theme and non-slip grip bottom. I will be reaching out to the owner soon to get some sport theme slippers made. Like Check Designs on Facebook & please think about making a donation to the Children’s heart foundation.






Chicago Mommycon Giveaway

Will the winner email me at rhondanjose@comcast.net or FB message me your email address. The rest feel free to use STRC16 for $5off

I would love to offer a giveaway two General Admission tickets to MommCon Chicago on March 5th.
MommyCon is a nationwide convention series dedicated to creating and nurturing a community of parents and parents-to-be in celebration of natural parenting.
I am most looking forward to the Toddlerwearing. To enter to win, comment with the session you are most interested in. http://goo.gl/ukSVN1
I will select a winner on Tuesday 2/23 at 9am.

MommyCon is a boutique style convention dedicated to bringing modern parents and mothers-to-be together. Our focus is on natural and organic parenting methods and timeless tidbits as we journey through parenthood together. Our seminars and workshops include; babywearing, birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, car seat safety, natural health and medicine, baby gear, childproofing and so much more! We end our day with amazing giveaways and each attendee gets a gift bag from our sponsors.

I attended my first Mommycon last year and couldn’t be more happier about it. I’m a mom of 2 and have been a nanny for the last 15 years. I live everything babies & kids. Last year I learned so much while getting to feeling like a part of a great community.img_4868


BabyBum Brush


Parents/Nannies have you ever been covered in diaper cream?!?! I know I have and it’s a big pain. That white thick cream gets stuck under your finger nails and is hard to get out. Before I started my blog I got to review a most have product that helps prevent that from happening. It’s called BabyBum Brush or BabyBum applicator or in my house we like to call it the BabyBum spatula. Once you start to use this product you would never apply diaper cream with your fingers again. Retails $7.99 Choose from 4 bright, fun colors green, orange, blue, & pink.

I asked my husband what he loved so much about this product I love having my fingers clean. I can’t say enough good things about this product. I just love it so much. I can’t believe I ever changed a diaper without it.

The BabyBum Brush™ was invented by a new mom while on maternity leave in 2014. Kristen son had a gastrointestinal disorder that caused acidic poops. Which every caregiver knows causes diaper rashes. Kristen son’s diaper rash turned into open sores. No caregiver ever washes hands before changing diapers always after. But hands are covered with approximately 5,000 germ. This mom began designing a solution that would allow her to apply a thick coat of diaper cream without the risk of transferring germs from her hands. That is how BabyBum Brush was invented.
BPA free diaper cream applicator tool is 100% soft silicone is gentle on baby’s skin
Diaper cream goes on smoother, thicker, and faster
Suction cup base allows you to suction to almost any surface while you finish the diaper change
This is the first product I decided not to include an action picture but I included a you tube video demo. I hope every care giver will buy BabyBum Brush.








Baby In Tow


When looking for products I plan to review I always look for products that will make mine and the parents I work with lives easier. I start out by researching the product and the owner. This time I knew I was going to review something to make my life easier outside the home. I started looking for something that would make it easier to feed Jake my 13 month old son. Every time Jake & I go out with friends for lunch or as a family for dinner; I could never find a spoon perfect for him. The spoons at the restaurant are way to heavy for him. If I grabbed one of his spoons from home the diaper bag or my pocket would get dirty and messy with food. Or I would throw it into a plastic Ziploc bag which is so wasteful. I knew they had something to help with this; I just had to find it. When looking online for a travel spoon I came across Baby in Tow Spoon Cocoon. I reached out to owner of Baby In Tow; Cynthia Silver. I had no idea who she was at the time. She sent me a Spoon Cocoon to review and I started my research. It turns out I was email a star. Cynthia Silver is director, actor, teacher, writer & mompreneur. I have to admit I’m very star struck. It turns out like me she also has a 6-year-old daughter and she is a mom blogger. I’m getting off the subject which is Spoon Cocoon after all. Spoon Cocoon is cute case and spoon for ages 4 months and up. I throw Spoon Cocoon into my diaper bag and off Jake & I went on our day of adventure. The spoon was great fit prefect in Jake’s hand and then I just slid it into the cocoon. No mess to clean up in the diaper bag later it was great. It is a diaper bag essential. I love that its color neutral, made from real plastic and BPA free. The Baby in Tow Spoon Cocoon is getting great review from stars like Ice T, Julie Ann Emery, Felicity Huffman and TheBabyguyNYC (soon to be thebabyguydenver). It’s price at $7.99. I recommend Baby in Tow Spoon Cocoon and will be bought these as baby shower gifts.