Baby In Tow


When looking for products I plan to review I always look for products that will make mine and the parents I work with lives easier. I start out by researching the product and the owner. This time I knew I was going to review something to make my life easier outside the home. I started looking for something that would make it easier to feed Jake my 13 month old son. Every time Jake & I go out with friends for lunch or as a family for dinner; I could never find a spoon perfect for him. The spoons at the restaurant are way to heavy for him. If I grabbed one of his spoons from home the diaper bag or my pocket would get dirty and messy with food. Or I would throw it into a plastic Ziploc bag which is so wasteful. I knew they had something to help with this; I just had to find it. When looking online for a travel spoon I came across Baby in Tow Spoon Cocoon. I reached out to owner of Baby In Tow; Cynthia Silver. I had no idea who she was at the time. She sent me a Spoon Cocoon to review and I started my research. It turns out I was email a star. Cynthia Silver is director, actor, teacher, writer & mompreneur. I have to admit I’m very star struck. It turns out like me she also has a 6-year-old daughter and she is a mom blogger. I’m getting off the subject which is Spoon Cocoon after all. Spoon Cocoon is cute case and spoon for ages 4 months and up. I throw Spoon Cocoon into my diaper bag and off Jake & I went on our day of adventure. The spoon was great fit prefect in Jake’s hand and then I just slid it into the cocoon. No mess to clean up in the diaper bag later it was great. It is a diaper bag essential. I love that its color neutral, made from real plastic and BPA free. The Baby in Tow Spoon Cocoon is getting great review from stars like Ice T, Julie Ann Emery, Felicity Huffman and TheBabyguyNYC (soon to be thebabyguydenver). It’s price at $7.99. I recommend Baby in Tow Spoon Cocoon and will be bought these as baby shower gifts.


18 thoughts on “Baby In Tow

  1. This is a really cute idea for kids travel! Mine are a little older (although still young), and I would just bring a spoon from home and keep it in a toothbrush holder to keep it clean, lol!


    • This gives you luxury of not having to find a toothbrush holder that will fit the spoon. This gives you the luxury of not having to shop around for it. I love that it saved me time and a messy bag.


  2. What a really practical and fun idea for our little ones. So neat and great value. Will have to look further at this for a couple I know with a child that I think this would be great for.

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