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I think this is one of the best blog review I got to do!!! This far I’ve done products that of course I love and my kids do too. I also got to do a great date night with my husband but this blog was something just for me. Wine!!!! Who doesn’t love wine?!?! I like to grab a nice glass on weekends or after a long hard day with the kids or everyday­čśé! (I believe most moms and nannies feel the same way)

I love wine but always feel helpless when it came time to buy. I never know which one to go with. All stores have way to many to pick from. Will I like this one? Or is that one better? Is this a good price? Is this a good pairing with my dinner? So many questions I have about wine. I got some of those questions answered when I got to try one month of Club W

Club W is not only a monthly wine membership it’s so much more. Each month Club W introduce you to new wines that match your tastes. They do this by having you take a quiz about your palate. It’s a get to know your taste┬ábuds that helps them match you with the best wines. When receiving your first box you get a card that shares the story behind each bottle, and provide you with recipe pairings and wine knowledge.

I got to try 4 bottles 2015 Funk Zone┬« Ros├ę, 2014 Copycat Tempranillo, 2014 Oh Snap! Sparkling Chenin Blanc, & 2015 Pacificana┬« Chardonnay. I can each were very good. My box arrived just when my friends from Denver did. Which was great I got to share my wine and my experience with Club W first hand. I Shared the bottle of 2015 Funk Zone┬« Ros├ę. My friend and I felt the same it was good and not something we normally get at the store. We both were very happy with it.

I loved the customer service! It was very fast service I placed my ordered online on a Wednesday and received my wine right at my door by Friday. It was right in time for the weekend. I like the fact you can’t find any of Club W wine in the stores. All the wines offered by Club W are completely exclusive. They have wine within everyone’s budget. Wines starting at $13. You can also order gift boxes for your friends and family who love wine.

To cancel you will have to either call or live chat. I lived chatted with Shiella. I really didn’t have 10 minutes to type but I know it part of the process of cancelling. Shiella ask all the right questions and try to get me to stay with Club W. She did a great job. If you don’t want to cancel; you can put your membership on hold or skip a month.

I loved my experience with Club W!

Have a wine-derful weekend!!!

Use the link to order
Promo code: nannyrhonda for $20 off your first order



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