baby deedee Sleep Quilt

This blog isn’t like any of my others blogs. This one is about a company I’ve blogged about already. Same company different product. Baby deedee has a lot of great products I would love to try them all. The first time around I got to try baby deedee  Sleep Kicker which I love and Jake still wears. This time around I got to try the baby deedee sleep quilt.

Baby deedee sleep quilt comes in 3 colors: Dream Blue, Khiki Lime, & Slate Hot Pink. The Sleep quilt is an all-in-one duvet blanket sized 39″x 52″ dimensions. The outside is made of 100% cotton & It has a soft cotton jersey lining. I’m very happy I got to try the dream blue baby deedee Sleep Quilt.

Living in Chicago you are always on the hunt for the best quilts. Looking for the best cozy, softness and warmth combination. Sorry parents I didn’t find the best one for us but I have found the best quilt for our kids.

When our Baby Deedee Sleep Quilt arrived both my kids were fighting over who would get to try it out first. It’s super soft and warm. I have to admit that I wanted to just keep it for myself. My daughter won the fight and got to try it first. She wrapped herself into the quilt that first night and slept great. She woke and told me how much she loves the baby deedee quilt. Since the quilt has been used by all of us, I use it to cuddle up on the couch during story time before bed & my son during naps. We all love this soft, cozy, & warm quilt.


The biggest concern of parents is how something holds up in the wash. Let’s face it kids are messy. Quilts and blankets are dragged all over the house and the car. The baby deedee sleep quilt is very easy to clean just throw it in the washer & dryer! The sleep quilt holds up great after wash it stays true color and softness. This is a big plus in all parents eyes.
I have to say I love Baby Deedee and all the products they have. The customer service is great. I highly recommend you get your little one a Baby Deedee Sleep Quilt!

Nominated and won #2 for Baby & Children’s Product News Reader’s Favorites Award!

Winner of the Red Tricycle and Creative Child Awards

Website: http://www.babydeedee.com





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With the great success of any growing business, sometimes the name changes. Custom Kids Creations By Kelly has decided to open products up to adults as well. Therefore, She changed her business name to Celebracelets! The business now features bracelets made for every occasion and a poem to go with it! They make great gifts! Check out Celebracelets!

If you are looking for cute little gifts for a child Custom kid Creations by Kelly is the company to go with. Kelly makes very cute custom jewelry. You can get the jewelry customized with names, birthdays, initials etc. It can also come in any color combinations you like. The necklaces & bracelets are adjustable to grow with your child. Each piece is made with love by a mother’s two hands. Made in the USA in Lancaster, PA!

The owner Kelly started doing beadwork as a hobby when she was a teenager. She has been selling her work off and on for the last 4 years. This year wanting to make a little extra income so, she opened her Etsy shop. Kelly is a stay at home mom of 2 little girls. Selling her beadwork gives her the flexibility to bring income into the home and still be with her girls when they need her. As a mom I know the struggle of wanting to help financially but wanting stay with my babies. Custom Kid Creations by Kelly is a super small business. Everything is made at home; sometimes with her girls help.

I came across Custom Kid Creations by Kelly in a moms FB group I’m in. This particular group is a community of moms sharing their business to help each other grow. Kelly was Advising her jewelry and I reached out. I’m very happy I did. Kelly is hopping to become a little more established and start selling in more stores by the end of the year. Her customer service is great, with her fast response to my questions and emails.

I got a very nice necklace and bracelet that were white and yellow for my Jasmine. She was super happy when it came because so far Jake has been getting stuff to try out for my blog & not her. Jasmine loves her Custom kid Creation by Kelly jewelry so much she has been wearing it everyday. That being said the jewelry is very durable & lasting.



I will be doing a give away for a child bracelet. Head over to Custom kids Creations by Kelly and like her FB or follow on Instagram and then comment on this blog which one you did FB or Instagram. Win will be pick on 5/23/16

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