Mixed Pears

Meal time is one of the best times in my house; it’s the time we are all come together. It’s also the craziest, with two hungry kids. I have one kid who wants her food to be cut a certain size and another one who just wants to make a mess. Mixed Pears is a company that helped me meet both my kids needs.

Mixed pear is a company invented by a mixed couple who believe “Sharing a meal provides unmatched family bonding experience and spreads cultural and food knowledge.” I got to meet & speak in-depth with the Co-founder Matthew at Mommycon Chicago 2016. He was very knowledgeable about the products & answered every question I had. He was also the nicest guy.

When researching Mixed Pears I came across their promise “Our job is to make stuff that you and your growing family absolutely love.” That is an understatement about the products they make. They are not only super adorable; they made my life so much easier during meal time. I had the pleasure of trying out Mixed Pears Bitesize Portable scissors and Suitable Role Playing Bibs.


Bitesize Portable Scissors  

Bitesize Portable Scissors come in 3 colors pink, green or blue. They are Certified to be BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalates-Free, PVC-Free, Formaldehyde-Free.

I was able to take these scissors everywhere. They have a snap-on cap that keeps the blades closed. With the cap it keeps my diaper bag or purse clean after use. Bitesizers Portable Scissors are extremely convenient & easy to use to travel with. They are also the perfect size for TSA friendly.

Me being a mother of two I’m cutting everything from grapes to chicken into bite size pieces. Bitesizers Portable Scissors have made this easier for me and is so much better than using a knife. When asking my daughter 7 years old her thoughts on Bitesize Portable Scissors her response was “they are super cool. I can use them without cutting my finger mom.”

Suitable Role Playing Bibs
Suitable Role Playing Bibs are a full coverage wearable bibs. These are bibs kids want to wear and moms want their kids to wear because the are so cute. Suitable Role Playing Bibs come in Astronauts, Chef, Clownfish, Doctors, firefighter, Lion, Panda, & Macaw Parrot. The bibs are easily cleaned either wipe-clean or machine wash & hang dry. They stay true to color and size after machine wash.

These wearable bibs encourage imaginative play with their realistic designs. They have a flip-forward pocket for catching crumbs and all the food your child doesn’t get in its mouth. When my son eats he gets food all over from the top of his head to his pinkie toe. This was leading to a bath after every meal. That is 3 baths a day which is very unrealistic as a working mom. Suitable Role Playing Bibs really helped with that with its stain-repellent fabric.
If you have children like mine you will need both of these great products.





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