Mom companies are the way to go. Everyone knows mom knows best. I got to meet another mom based company at the Baby Expo Chicago! I also got to try out her product it’s LatherMitts’!

As parents we look for short cuts with everything. Bath Time is where our household is in need of a short cut. Both my kids like to take 2 hour play time baths. That equals 4 hours in the bathroom. We are a family of 4 in apartment in Chicago which means 1 bathroom. Our kids in the bathroom for a total 4 hours isn’t working for us. For some bath times to help cut time, my husband will shower with our son. Once my son was lathered up with soap he becomes slippery and easy to drop. Also it was hard to get in his little ears with the wash cloth. This is were the LatherMitts’ comes in our life!

My husband slipped on the LatherMitts’ during shower time. It has made shower time go a lot better. With Neoprene (wetsuit material) making it easier to grip my slipper son no need to worry if he would be dropped. It made baths go faster also being able to reach between toes and behind little ears. I feel LatherMitts’ are not only for babies or kids they are a great alternative to the wash cloth and can easily replace bath time wash clothes. Our family really enjoyed trying LatherMitts’

What makes LatherMitts’ great
Safety: The gentle neoprene grip that lines LatherMitts’ thumb and forefinger ensures that slippery kids are secure and safe in your hands.
Quality: The glove is made of white organic cotton, perfect for a baby’s soft sensitive skin.
Machine washable just like a washcloth. Holds turn to color, shape, and size.

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