Sick Policy

In August my daughter started 2nd grade and with back to school cames all the colds. And of course she passes it on to her little brother; who then gives it to me. This past couple of months have been hard ones. We first got HFM (Hand, Foot,Mouth) then a stomach bug, and last a small cough. I get it; kids get sick 😷😷😷

This all got me thinking do parents, caregivers, play lots, classes have a sick policy in place. I know schools do. At the beginning of every school year I received email explaining the sick policy.

I asked a couple of owners of open play lots, nannies and parents I know. The owner policy was all the same. Some Nannies followed something similar with the child they cared for, but a lot parents had no ideal there was a policy.

Most classes and play lots have adopted a modified version of Dr. Bill Sears’ recommendations on when to keep children home, with additional information from the Washington State Department of Health’s policy on when to keep children home. This is what most schools use also.

When to stay home:

*a fever of 100 degrees or more within the last 24 hours.

*nasal secretions that are thick, yellow or green, especially if accompanied by a fever, an earache, frequent night waking, or a sick-looking-face.

*a cough accompanied by fever, chills, and coughing up of mucus.

*vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours.

*a rash (especially with fever and itching).

*eye discharge or conjunctivitis (pink eye).

*open or oozing sores.

*lice or scabies.

Classes have all of the above and they also have this:

*If your child comes to class visibly ill (i.e. runny nose, fever, etc.) they reserve the right to ask that you not stay for class and you can schedule a make-up class when your child is feeling better.


Hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infections.

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