Winter Most Haves

As the cold weather rolls in; I come across tons of FB post of parents all asking what is the best coat to wear in a car seat. I always happily recommend Olie The Minkey. It’s not exactly a coat it’s more of hat, gloves, and scarf combination. All the pieces are attached to each other making it easy to keep track of.

Olie The Minkey is the only thing that I’ve come across that works the best with car seats. Coats and car seats don’t mix. I’ve included a link for coat and car seat safety.

I had the pleasure of doing a blog before on Olie The Minkey The Dino. So if you read my other blog you will now I love Olie The Minkey.

Olie The Minkey has redesigned The Minkey. It is now more snug around your little munchkin face. This is so no air can reach the little ears. It also made of a thicker fleece but not bulky. Fits prefect under sweaters and jackets easily.

I love Olie The Minkey and so does my son just look at how happy he looks.



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