Every year about 30% of Americans make a New Years resolution to become healthy & live healthier lifestyle. Like most people at the beginning of the year I decided to start that journey also. I started thinking about what small steps I can do. I decided to cut caffeine & sugars from my everyday life. I thought this might be the easiest thing to do with my busy lifestyle. Doing this turned out to be harder than I thought; so much harder than you can think. It turns out I need these two things to stay awake. Most of my days involves me chasing after two very busy kids all day long. Being able to stay awake and active is a necessity.


Enter the Pranamat ECO into my life right on time. I read through the directions and reviews. I saw it works great for an energy booster. So I decided it might be a good way to zap me awake and recharge my batteries.
I set my Pranamat in front of the sink. Why the sink???? Well like most mom because I do dishes about 4 times a day 😂! It was the perfect spot for me. Every morning, I started my day off with stepping on the Pranamat; this would jump-start my energy. I would then step on the mat for about 10 minutes whenever I need a boost of energy throughout the day. It made giving up caffeine and sugar a lot easier. It also gave me that afternoon 3 o’clock boost that I needed.


Warning: The lotus flowers can feel a bit sharp on direct skin contact!