Family Fun with The Wizard of Oz

This past Saturday I got to show my children a magical story I loved as a child. Growing up The Wizard of Oz was my favorite story and now my children love it just as much as I do.

We got to follow a yellow brick road with Dorothy & friends to Emerald City to meet the wonderful powerful OZ! Big Noise theater put on the greatest adaptation of a wonderful classic. The music and dancing will keep the audience of all ages entertain. Great your family together and go see this great show.

$15 All Ages

January 13 – January 28, 2018

Saturdays at 10am & 12pm
Sundays at 10am
Wednesday, January 24 at 10am

Prairie Lakes Theater
515 E. Thacker Street
Des Plaines, IL 60016




Mommycon equals Community

MommyCon is the largest natural parenting consumer show in North America.

To me Mommycon is more of Community, Friendships, parenting partners, non-judgment advice, mom dates, play dates and much more!

Mommycon has grown so much since the first event in 2013. One thing hasn’t changed, It’s still a way to connect with like-minded care givers. Care givers who are just like you & have no idea what they are doing. Care givers who want friends that are going through the same things they are. Who else knows what it feels like to wake multiple times a night to a teething baby. Or how to do matrix moves to avoid being peed on.

So,If you are going to any Mommycon/DaddyCon/gather event turn to your right or left and say hi. You might just meet your new best friends. I know I have!