Codeverse Summer Camp

It is super cold in Chicago with the prediction of snow ❄️ every day this week. What other perfect time to start thinking about Summer camps. I found out every other parent was also looking and a lot of the best camp were already filling up fast. In my search I came across this great camp called Codeverse. Codeverse is a fully interactive coding studio for kids ages 6-13. They offer camps and classes.

Coding is not just a job but it’s now a required skill. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 1 million coding related jobs by 2020.

Whether your child is new to coding or has been grabbing for the family iPad since they could walk. The curriculum is designed to be engaging and easy to digest for children of all experience.


Codeverse has crafted their own computer language, named KidScript. The classes, during camp, focus on a new topic each day, culminating in a hands-on project. Topics include coding, 3D printing, robotics, and laser cutting. There will also be field trips to local businesses and time allotted for outdoor recreation.

With kids getting things like Hour of Coding in school and games like Minecraft at home; kids are surrounded by coding. My daughter is so excited to be going to Codeverse this summer, your kids will be too.

Lincoln Park
819 W. Eastman Street
Chicago IL 60642

‪Mon-Fri‬ ‪from 9am – 3pm‬
Offering complimentary one hour early drop off 8am and one hour late pick up 4pm
(for busy/working parents)

Camp Cost: 
$800 weekly (mention this blog for $200 OFF!)

Camp includes:
All coding activities, field trips, lunches and snacks

Divide in two groups
Grades 1-4
Grades 5-8



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