High School Sweethearts


This blog is from my heart; it’s about how I met my dream guy, my soul mate, my everything. I started dating my husband Jose in high school 20 years ago today. How we got to be might not be romantic to some but to us it’s the most magical story ever. I don’t know if anyone would even read this; I just know this is something I should write about. So this is the story of how we came to be.


In 1997, I enter my sophomore year of high school as Jose was entering his freshman year. This year I had decided to change from PE to JROTC mainly because all my friends were in JROTC. Jose had also signed up for JROTC. We by chance ended up in the same 5th period class. Of course I didn’t notice him for some time. We talked occasionally since we were in the same class and hung out with the same people. Let’s face it when you are in high school everything is about looks not personality or charm. He had this hair that I just hated. I couldn’t look past that 😂.

In November of that year after Thanksgiving break Jose came back to school with a haircut. That is all it took, I started to notice him everywhere. We started running into each other between classes and talking more. He started sitting behind me in JROTC. He also started to have lunch with me. This is because from time to time he would end up in-school suspension and they all had lunch my lunch period. He was a bad boy making him even more appealing to me.

At the end of March 1998 JROTC started preparations for the military ball. This included a dance class where in true Jose fashion he had to show off. He knew all these fancy dance moves like the waltz. This made him mysterious and even more attractive to me. Shortly after that he started walking me to classes. We started talking on the phone every night. During this time we got to know each other, we fall madly in love. We became each other’s best friends. The rest is history as they say is history. It hasn’t always been easy but I wouldn’t change any of it. Today it’s 20 years and two kids later; I love him more than ever.