I Will Hold You Forever

Jasmine’s Birth Story 

Being her birthday I decided it would be a good time to write about her birth. Jasmine was born on May 20 at 4:20pm Via Emergency C-section. To bring her into this world wasn’t easy. It was a very long and hard process. Here is her story: 


It all started on May 18, I was 38 weeks pregnant and felt as big as a house. I had a schedule ultrasound appointment at the hospital to check the size of my baby. The doctors thought she was going to be close to 10 pounds. A few weeks before, My baby was breached so the doctors were concerned all around. 

2D96E99F-33D1-445C-A047-E9B7D65C6526That morning I only had something small to eat. The morning sickness I had in my first trimester started creeping back in. I wasn’t feeling that good and I was exhausted.

As far as I could tell the ultrasound was going great. My baby was no longer breached. Then the ultrasound tech told me that she would be right back which had never happen. I already had mom instinct and knew something wasn’t right. The tech came back into the room and she said I would be staying in the hospital. 

At this point, I had been having contractions for two weeks now. The doctor thought they were Braxton hicks. I was told to just drink more water. I knew deep down they weren’t. It turns out I had been losing fluids and was 3 centimeters dilated. I was told I should have a baby by that evening.

They took me a couple of floors up and to the other side of the hospital to the birth area. The nurses started preparing me for the birth of my daughter. Everyone who came into the room said “Oh you just had a contraction you should do an epidural soon before it’s to late.” The contractions I had the week before were worst then these. I decided to wait for the epidural until my husband and mom came. Once they came I was told I was dilating 6 and how things will start to move faster.  I decided it was time to get the epidural because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. It turned out to be the worst decision ever and I would regret it greatly. 

After the epidural Labor stopped cold. No more contractions and I stopped dilating past 6. What the doctors and nurses don’t tell you is once you get the epidural you can’t really move. You are not allowed to walk around or even go to the bathroom. So there I sat in a room with my husband, his mom, my mom and tons of nurses and doctors coming in and out to check on me. Everyone of course was telling me to rest because it will be time to push soon. 

This was the hardest and most stressful time of my life, how could I rest. I was worried about everything but most of all this little human inside me. All I wanted was to protect her. Keep her safe as long as I could. I was already her mom. 

While we waited for my contractions to start again, I got infection. It had to be treated. I was told my baby would need to be treated once she was born also. She would have to go to the NICU for 7 treatments a total of 6 days. 

I cried after that most of the time. I was in pain all over even through the epidural was supposed to keep the pain away. It wasn’t working. I’ve had 5 different epidural put into place. 

I was completely exhausted. It was now 33 hours later and still no baby. But I was dilated 10 and ready to push. My husband grabbed one leg and the grandmothers watched as I pushed with all my might and everything I had in me. I push for 4 long hard exhausting hours. Then the doctor called it. She said I will need a C-section to keep the baby safe. 

After that doctors drug me up and wheel me off to another room. My husband comes in wearing a suit over his clothes. His face showed how scared he was. It was super scary. The medication that they gave me made me shake. Which made him look even more terrified.

The doctors tell you that you will not feel a thing during a c-section. That is a lie! It felt like they ripped my daughter from my insides. I felt it all. She came out crying and was rushed to the other room. I told my husband to go with her and doctors told him to go back with me. She was perfect and healthy. They just had to prepare her for her treatments because of my infection. 



I was in and out of it after that for hours.  Then around 8pm they let me see my daughter but I couldn’t hold her. All I wanted was to hold my little girl. Being told I couldn’t hurt me so much.

She was in the NICU and I was in my room. 11 floors were keeping us apart and a team of doctors trying to get me healthy. I had blood in my urine and super dehydrated. I was in the hospital for 48 no water or food. I had so many sad feelings. I wanted to breastfeed 🤱🏻 I knew the longer I was away from my baby the harder it would be to do that. Finally at about 8pm May 21 I got to hold and breastfeed my baby. She was the biggest baby in the NICU.



5 days later we went home and I haven’t stopped hugging, holding and snuggling her since!



The birth of my first child was hard and exhausting but it has given me so much love that my heart could burst. 



Today She is now 9! She is my bug hating, unicorns 🦄, mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️, slime loving, always keeping me on my toes, beautiful baby girl. 



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