Not Just A Nanny, A Babywearing Hug

Eighteen years ago, I started my first nanny position. One of the first questions I was asked is if I had any experience baby wearing. I had to admit that I didn’t, because up until that point I had only babysat for date nights. My new boss handed me a Baby Bjorn carrier and it’s manual. I read that manual cover to cover and soaked up all the information I could find.

At the time, I had no idea how much that day would change my life. Shortly thereafter, I came to the realization that babywearing as a child care professional is a must for the following two main reasons:

  • Less Crying A study by a team of pediatricians found that babies who are carried/worn cry 43% less than babies who are not. As a nanny, the first few days can be the hardest. Mom has just gone back to work, so the new baby cries more than normal. During these times, I strap on my carrier. It helps calm the baby and makes them feel safe.
  • Hands Free Using a carrier gives you use of both hands. As a nanny, I may have multiple children under my care that are different ages. I may have twins, triplets, or even take part in a nanny share. Putting one of the children into a carrier gives me the opportunity to be sure the needs of all children are taken care of. I am still able to change diapers, prepare meals, clean up, give baths, etc.    

Choosing a carrier can be daunting. There are many different brands to choose from, and even more styles. Some of the types of carriers include a soft structured carrier (SSC), wraps, and ring slings. As a nanny, I find ring slings the easiest to use. I am able to put it on easily, quickly, and adjust according to the child’s size. Ring slings will fit newborns all the way up to five year olds, making them a great long term investment for nannies.

Studio Tekhni is the ring sling used in all pictures. They have recently released a very affordable ring sling carrier.






Special Thanks to the Photographers at 


f0cce7ba-2a84-4e63-a1aa-8f75d1dd2583A Special thanks to The DiDomenico Family for allowing me to love, care and Babywear their  baby girl the last 2 years.






Parent & Co. has so many wonderful conventions. MommyCon Is the one I get super excited for every year. When KidCon was announced, my kids got just excited as I get for MommyCon. They wouldn’t stop talking about it.


Kidcon was a kids dream. With slime, climbing walls, boxes to play with, crafts to do, music and so much more. Did I mention Poppy and Branch from Trolls (https://www.stageschicago.com) 


I was amazed as I’m a kid at heart. You could find me dancing and singing to the Frozen movie songs playing above. 


My kids with Melissa’s kids from https://instagram.com/our_little_suburban_life

As a parent, you are normally happy just because your child is happy but at Kidcon you’re happy because you are having just as much fun as they are.

Did I mention the amazing gift bag?!?! It was packed with so much fun for the whole family. 


We are looking forward to the announcement of where the next KidCon will be.