Not Just A Nanny, A Babywearing Hug

Eighteen years ago, I started my first nanny position. One of the first questions I was asked is if I had any experience baby wearing. I had to admit that I didn’t, because up until that point I had only babysat for date nights. My new boss handed me a Baby Bjorn carrier and it’s manual. I read that manual cover to cover and soaked up all the information I could find.

At the time, I had no idea how much that day would change my life. Shortly thereafter, I came to the realization that babywearing as a child care professional is a must for the following two main reasons:

  • Less Crying A study by a team of pediatricians found that babies who are carried/worn cry 43% less than babies who are not. As a nanny, the first few days can be the hardest. Mom has just gone back to work, so the new baby cries more than normal. During these times, I strap on my carrier. It helps calm the baby and makes them feel safe.
  • Hands Free Using a carrier gives you use of both hands. As a nanny, I may have multiple children under my care that are different ages. I may have twins, triplets, or even take part in a nanny share. Putting one of the children into a carrier gives me the opportunity to be sure the needs of all children are taken care of. I am still able to change diapers, prepare meals, clean up, give baths, etc.    

Choosing a carrier can be daunting. There are many different brands to choose from, and even more styles. Some of the types of carriers include a soft structured carrier (SSC), wraps, and ring slings. As a nanny, I find ring slings the easiest to use. I am able to put it on easily, quickly, and adjust according to the child’s size. Ring slings will fit newborns all the way up to five year olds, making them a great long term investment for nannies.

Studio Tekhni is the ring sling used in all pictures. They have recently released a very affordable ring sling carrier.


Special Thanks to the Photographers at 

f0cce7ba-2a84-4e63-a1aa-8f75d1dd2583A Special thanks to The DiDomenico Family for allowing me to love, care and Babywear their  baby girl the last 2 years.



21 thoughts on “Not Just A Nanny, A Babywearing Hug

  1. I have two boys but have never used one of these. I see many moms carrying around their babies in these and they look so snug and comfy. I’ve heard that babies who are in these snug slings too much don’t ever want to be put down. I wouldn’t want to either. 😉

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  2. I love baby wearing 🙂 its the most convenient hug ever! I have struggled with a ring sling so I end up using an SSC. but whatever we use as long as it gives the baby the nurturing they deserve then I am all for it. will definitely babywear again with my next baby.

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