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Warning! Warning! Warning! 

This is a TMI blog! I will be going happily into lots of details!
In 2012 my periods stop coming after many doctor appointments I was diagnosed with PCOS. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a problem in which a woman’s hormones are out of balance. It can cause problems with your periods and make it difficult to get pregnant. After that diagnosis I started making changes in my life and lost about 50lbs. My menstrual cycle started back and shortly after I become pregnant with my son. Fast forward to him turning 16 months old my menstrual cycle started back.

The first 2 months were the worst I was going through pads like crazy. Spending $8.50 a bag and I need 3 bags a month that is about $25. I didn’t even want to think about all the chemicals I was coming in contact with each month.

I started thinking about alternatives to pads and tampons. A lot of my friends already changed over to cup. And I’ve been curious about them. So I looked at all the pros of making the switch

1. Cups are inexpensive. The average woman spends about $3000 dollars in her lifetime on disposable menstrual products. The average menstrual cups costs between $25-$50 and can be reused for ten or more years. Mean for my family no more $25 a month being thrown away.
2. Environmentally friendly The average woman throws away around 275lbs of tampons, pads and applicator in her lifetime.
3. No toxic chemicals Menstrual cups contain no bleaches, deodorizers or absorbency gels.
4. Lena Cup is Made in the USA

You know how people say “this product came into my life right when I needed it” and you normally roll your eyes. Well this is one of those times. My Lena cup arrived and I naturally started read everything in the package. Then the very next afternoon I got my menstrual cycle.

Day 1
I wasn’t expecting my menstrual cycle to come because I didn’t get it last month. (Having this problems before. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go through that again or see a doctor about it) I wash my Lena Cup and started using it right away. At first it was a little difficult on placement but with a little adjustment and asking a friend; I got it.

Day 2
This was the worst day for me…. Don’t get me wrong the Lena Cup was great but my cycle wasn’t. I was still trying to learn how to put the cup in and placement. I was having a very heavy period I had to empty the cup every 2 hours. This isn’t ideal when you are at work. I work as a nanny which I guess is better because I’m not in a bathroom stall. At least I’m able to be in a home bathroom even though it’s not my home. Also it was hard because as a nanny you can’t tell a baby I need an extra minute in the bathroom to work this out. It was the longest 8 hours of my life.

Note: For regular flow you should only have to empty the cup every 10 to 12 hour. 2 times a day. Everyone’s flow is different so depending on flow.

Day 3
I got this. I learn everything I needed in those first two-day and mastered placement. I was able to get around without even noticing I had the cup in place. It was great.

Lena Cup comes in two sizes small(normal flow) and large(heavy flow) I use the large.

Before I started this blog I started talking about Lena Cup. I got tons of questions but the two mean ones “isn’t it messy” and “how does to hold up over night”. I honestly can say it’s not more messy than when you using other products. In fact I felt it was less messy no need to change your bathroom trash once a day. For over night leaking it was great. I had no more worries. I love the fact that I was able to wear it all night and not have to change my sheets in the morning.

I’m not going into how to insert, cleaning, dos and don’ts, etc Go check out Lena Cup’s blog/website/Facebook it is so informative. It has the greatest articles and answers all my questions. They have so much info that it can answer every question you might have. If you have any questions I might answer feel free to comment below.

I highly recommend if you are still using pads and other similar products make the switch to the Lena Cup. Please feel free to use code LENAMOON for 15% off at ‪lenacup.com‬ or Amazon.







Mom companies are the way to go. Everyone knows mom knows best. I got to meet another mom based company at the Baby Expo Chicago! I also got to try out her product it’s LatherMitts’!

As parents we look for short cuts with everything. Bath Time is where our household is in need of a short cut. Both my kids like to take 2 hour play time baths. That equals 4 hours in the bathroom. We are a family of 4 in apartment in Chicago which means 1 bathroom. Our kids in the bathroom for a total 4 hours isn’t working for us. For some bath times to help cut time, my husband will shower with our son. Once my son was lathered up with soap he becomes slippery and easy to drop. Also it was hard to get in his little ears with the wash cloth. This is were the LatherMitts’ comes in our life!

My husband slipped on the LatherMitts’ during shower time. It has made shower time go a lot better. With Neoprene (wetsuit material) making it easier to grip my slipper son no need to worry if he would be dropped. It made baths go faster also being able to reach between toes and behind little ears. I feel LatherMitts’ are not only for babies or kids they are a great alternative to the wash cloth and can easily replace bath time wash clothes. Our family really enjoyed trying LatherMitts’

What makes LatherMitts’ great
Safety: The gentle neoprene grip that lines LatherMitts’ thumb and forefinger ensures that slippery kids are secure and safe in your hands.
Quality: The glove is made of white organic cotton, perfect for a baby’s soft sensitive skin.
Machine washable just like a washcloth. Holds turn to color, shape, and size.

3 Lucky winners will win a pair of these great LatherMitts’
Comment on this blog how your family short cuts

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As a mom and a nanny I get asked everyday what classes are you taking, what are the best classes to take, can we meet up at a class and which classes are your recommendations. In reality I’m just like any other mom when it comes to this, clueless. I have no ideal where to start, but Pearachute has helped with that.

When my high energy son turned 10 months; it was winter in Chicago. Any mom in Chicago knows how cold and hard it is to get outside during those winter months. I started to look for a classes I could put him in. It was a harder experience then I thought. Some classes were during nap time and others were during my 7-year-old school pick up time. Since it hadn’t attended a class in many years, it was hard to find the right one. Should I go with the art, music, or just a story time. I ended up going with a Chicago Park District class. I ended up paying a little more than I would have liked for a class we barely attended. My son would be sick, my daughter wouldn’t have school, nap schedule was off, the list is endless on why we couldn’t make it.

Shortly after that class I was asked to join the Pearachute family as ambassador. I have to say it’s has been the best experience. Pearachute is the new way to help your child discover and explore activities that best fit your family’s schedule. I’ve been able to search for classes that works for us. We have tried music, art, basketball, swimming, open plays etc. Everyday or every week (whichever works with our schedule the best) we try a new class or open play. There is so many classes or open plays to choose from. The best part is if my son is having an off day or my daughter is tired after school I can just cancel. I know most parents love this same thing about Pearachute, the flexibility!

someday It’s so hard to choose just one class or location to attend and thankfully with Pearachute I don’t have to. I can go to art with my 19 month old son in the morning, then to basketball with my 7-year-old daughter in the afternoon or we can go to an open play or swimming as a family. Since the summer has started we spend most of our Pearachute time in the pool.They have made it super easy adding the Chicago park district pool schedule; I don’t have to do the reach myself everything is just one click away. Pearachute is easy, fun and flexible. My whole family loves it and enjoys every class we attend. If you live in Chicago or the Chicago land area and looking for fun things to with the kids check out Pearachute you will not be disappointed.

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Logan and Lenora

imageAbout 4 years ago I started learning more about cloth diapering. My daughter was potty trained by this time and more families I worked with were cloth diapering. I knew nothing about cloth diapers or the many accessories that came with it. When I first started working with families that cloth diapered the knew less than I did.

Using cloth diapers at home was always easy. The problems occurred when changing diapers on the go I would just throw the  soiled diaper in a little supermarket bag. By the end of a trip to the zoo my diaper bag smell like that zoo. I first came across a wet bags about a year into cloth diapering. Wet Bags are a convenient on-the-go solution for storing your soiled diapers. They are so great and make cloth diapering so much easier outside the house.

You have never seen a wet bag like this! Everything I came across is a little boring; nothing had popping colors. Then I came across Logan and Lenora I thought these are not boring at all. All products come in brilliant colors & bold prints you don’t see in any other baby products. They are beautiful! I got to try Logan and Lenora’s Daytripper Wet + Dry Tote.

I now use wet bags for many things from cloth diapering to carrier wet swim clothes. I actually received my Daytripper wet + dry tote the day before a trip to the beach. The Daytripper wet+dry tote is great. It has a sleek waterproof lining interior pocket and a dry exterior pocket. I pack my Tote for the beach with towels and sand toys it had tons of room to fit everything I needed. After our day at the beach the sand wiped easily off the tote.

Since that beach trip I’ve use my Logan + Lenora Daytripper wet+dry tote, for everyday use. I love bags and purses that have to compartments one for my lunch and one for my knitting. This tote has been great for that.

I highly recommend Logan + Lenora Daytripper wet+dry tote! It’s Waterproof & Machine washable, comes in bold beautiful colors, and is made by a mom. I know all my Denver friends & followers will especially love that these product are Made in Colorado!

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This weeks blog post has been rather hard for me to do. Since I’ve only been doing this blogging for about 5/6 months now I didn’t know how to approach this. I received a package about a month ago of some all natural & made in the USA products! I started using them right away on myself and my children. I have to say I didn’t like the products at all. I can say I didn’t care for the smell, texture or the after effects. With all that being said I’ve decided not to do a blog on this company. I don’t want to hurt any company that partnership with me. At the same time I will not say I love a product if I don’t. I do wish the best for this company and hope the products improve.

As my blog has started to grow more & more; I’ve decided to start a Facebook page for it. If you haven’t already head over and check it out. Like it to stay up to date on everything happening. There is also a pinned link for discounts codes I have available.


Mixed Pears

Meal time is one of the best times in my house; it’s the time we are all come together. It’s also the craziest, with two hungry kids. I have one kid who wants her food to be cut a certain size and another one who just wants to make a mess. Mixed Pears is a company that helped me meet both my kids needs.

Mixed pear is a company invented by a mixed couple who believe “Sharing a meal provides unmatched family bonding experience and spreads cultural and food knowledge.” I got to meet & speak in-depth with the Co-founder Matthew at Mommycon Chicago 2016. He was very knowledgeable about the products & answered every question I had. He was also the nicest guy.

When researching Mixed Pears I came across their promise “Our job is to make stuff that you and your growing family absolutely love.” That is an understatement about the products they make. They are not only super adorable; they made my life so much easier during meal time. I had the pleasure of trying out Mixed Pears Bitesize Portable scissors and Suitable Role Playing Bibs.


Bitesize Portable Scissors  

Bitesize Portable Scissors come in 3 colors pink, green or blue. They are Certified to be BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalates-Free, PVC-Free, Formaldehyde-Free.

I was able to take these scissors everywhere. They have a snap-on cap that keeps the blades closed. With the cap it keeps my diaper bag or purse clean after use. Bitesizers Portable Scissors are extremely convenient & easy to use to travel with. They are also the perfect size for TSA friendly.

Me being a mother of two I’m cutting everything from grapes to chicken into bite size pieces. Bitesizers Portable Scissors have made this easier for me and is so much better than using a knife. When asking my daughter 7 years old her thoughts on Bitesize Portable Scissors her response was “they are super cool. I can use them without cutting my finger mom.”

Suitable Role Playing Bibs
Suitable Role Playing Bibs are a full coverage wearable bibs. These are bibs kids want to wear and moms want their kids to wear because the are so cute. Suitable Role Playing Bibs come in Astronauts, Chef, Clownfish, Doctors, firefighter, Lion, Panda, & Macaw Parrot. The bibs are easily cleaned either wipe-clean or machine wash & hang dry. They stay true to color and size after machine wash.

These wearable bibs encourage imaginative play with their realistic designs. They have a flip-forward pocket for catching crumbs and all the food your child doesn’t get in its mouth. When my son eats he gets food all over from the top of his head to his pinkie toe. This was leading to a bath after every meal. That is 3 baths a day which is very unrealistic as a working mom. Suitable Role Playing Bibs really helped with that with its stain-repellent fabric.
If you have children like mine you will need both of these great products.





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baby deedee Sleep Quilt

This blog isn’t like any of my others blogs. This one is about a company I’ve blogged about already. Same company different product. Baby deedee has a lot of great products I would love to try them all. The first time around I got to try baby deedee  Sleep Kicker which I love and Jake still wears. This time around I got to try the baby deedee sleep quilt.

Baby deedee sleep quilt comes in 3 colors: Dream Blue, Khiki Lime, & Slate Hot Pink. The Sleep quilt is an all-in-one duvet blanket sized 39″x 52″ dimensions. The outside is made of 100% cotton & It has a soft cotton jersey lining. I’m very happy I got to try the dream blue baby deedee Sleep Quilt.

Living in Chicago you are always on the hunt for the best quilts. Looking for the best cozy, softness and warmth combination. Sorry parents I didn’t find the best one for us but I have found the best quilt for our kids.

When our Baby Deedee Sleep Quilt arrived both my kids were fighting over who would get to try it out first. It’s super soft and warm. I have to admit that I wanted to just keep it for myself. My daughter won the fight and got to try it first. She wrapped herself into the quilt that first night and slept great. She woke and told me how much she loves the baby deedee quilt. Since the quilt has been used by all of us, I use it to cuddle up on the couch during story time before bed & my son during naps. We all love this soft, cozy, & warm quilt.


The biggest concern of parents is how something holds up in the wash. Let’s face it kids are messy. Quilts and blankets are dragged all over the house and the car. The baby deedee sleep quilt is very easy to clean just throw it in the washer & dryer! The sleep quilt holds up great after wash it stays true color and softness. This is a big plus in all parents eyes.
I have to say I love Baby Deedee and all the products they have. The customer service is great. I highly recommend you get your little one a Baby Deedee Sleep Quilt!

Nominated and won #2 for Baby & Children’s Product News Reader’s Favorites Award!

Winner of the Red Tricycle and Creative Child Awards

Website: http://www.babydeedee.com





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