Parents how many times have you handed your child your house/car keys. Every baby loves keys! Did you know keys have high levels of lead & bacteria. Jake and I love this great stainless steel that mimic the look and sound of keys. They are called Kleynimals & are made in the USA! In fact part are made here in Chicago 😃! I came across Kleynimals in my local Logan Square toy store Play while shopping for a gift a couple of years back and fall in love. Jake like most babies puts everything in his month and wants what mom has so I had to buy him a pair. He loves them I never leave the house with out them. I own 3 pairs one engraved with Jake’s initials, one I keep in the car, and one I keep in my nanny bag to show to parents I work with. Jasmine my daughter plays with them also. She pretend she has the keys to the house. I highly recommend Kleynimals to everyone I know. You can buy here in Chicago at Play, Shop 1021, Sprout San Francisco, & A Baby Naturally
And on the Kleynimals website where you can get them engraved which makes a great keepsakes gift.
If you are like me and love small businesses check out Kleynimals like them on Facebook & follow them on Instagram


Hi I’m Rhonda a 34 year old mom of 2! I have a very active 6 year old daughter and 11 month old son whose trying to keep up with her. I’ve also been a nanny for the last 15 years to kids of all ages. I eat, sleep, and breathe babies; I love kids. I’m starting this blog because this past year I’ve been reviewing baby products for companies and I thought this would be great way to share my thoughts & opinions on those products. I will also be sharing some of my parenting tip and stories.

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