Little Oak Wood Watches


As a caregiver I’m always checking the time. Is it time to leave, will we be on time for class, is it time for a snack, and best of all, is it time for bed yet 😂!!! As a wife and mother I’m checking to see if it’s time for laundry to be done, time to cook dinner, time for school, time for the movie, time for a date night, family time etc. The hours, minutes, and seconds go by so fast or slow depending on the day you are having. Being on time is a big part of every bodies day.


Little Oak

Why not check if you are on time with the very stylish wood watches made by Little Oak?!?! I had the pleasure of receiving the new trendy fashion accessory. I’ve heard a lot about wood watches ⌚️ but never seen one up close until now. Little Oak watches are made with organic wood. This makes each watch different and unique, something Little Oak is most proud of.

Let me tell you a little about Little Oaks wood watches.
Little Oak makes both men’s watches and women’s watches. All wristwatches come with a nice wooden gift box. You can get your Wood Watch Personalization engraving! It will need to be approved to ensure they meet the character requirements. Also there will be an additional 3 – 5 day shipping time. Little Oak watch company re-plants 10 trees for every wood watch sold. They work with the great company Retree to do that.


Little Oak wood watches make great gifts for everyone or if you just want to pick yourself up something nice and unique. The other day in a mom’s group someone asked about 5th wedding anniversary gift which is wood. I gladly recommended Little Oak Watches.

I don’t see any better way to check the time, then with this great wood watch ⌚️ from Little Oak!

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Little Oak